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OK I have reserved two places for the event for the Dynamos. Please note that the event is now 23 June 2011 NOT 30 June as advertised. The cost of the event is £28.00 per team (I think!).

We need to either get the Dynamos affiliated with the CTT, or ensure all those taking part are members of the Aces. Comrade Chairman and I are discussing which way to go. I will get the entry forms and circulate to the willing.

I understand that Chairman Rees has one team sorted (Andrew, Huw, Roger and Mark) and we are hoping to enter a mixed team as well (Kim, Celia, me and one other). I just hope Celia has not joined the forum yet as we have not broached the subject with her yet! 😳

I will move this post into events when I get a minute.