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With 52 miles and 1,000m of climbing, I wasn’t taking any chances this week and had 4 Weetabix plus toast for breakfast. On board I had 1.5l of sports drink and 4 Geobars. Seems to have done the trick as I was not delirious by the time I got home (still slow up the hills mind you).

Good turnout today, Andrew, Roger, Mark, Matt J, Matt G, Huw, Nigel plus son Sam, Kim and I met at Bloomfield and were joined by Jim, a policeman from Kent who was on holiday down here.

It was a cracking route on a beautiful day with stunning scenery. We tried a new tactic this week to avoid everybody going off on their own interpretation of the route. The only one who knew the route was Huw’s SatNav (and not always Huw). This worked flawlessly if you were behind Huw (good for me!) but was not so successful for the more sporting riders and a general recall was required at one point using mobile phones. I promised Andrew I would not mention this for fear of drawing ridicule from the Aces, who incidently decided to bottle it and go the the sea side instead.

A pit stop in Newport saw much carb-loading outside the Spar. The sun had obviously got to Huw at this point as he went for a generic Red Bull rather than a sports drink. He must have thought we were all going clubbing; an easy mistake to make when clad in lycra I suppose.

Next up was the Cat 3 Climb that features on the Preseli Angel. Quite a slog, but only one of several nasty climbs on our way back south. It was certainly very remote and you could almost hear the banjos in the woods…

A few mechanicals to report: Sam’s chain decided to get off and walk on several occasions, and who could blame it, and then Dad got a puncture. Matt G had an unfortunate tumble when stationary but no damage done.

Once again a great ride and thanks to Huw’s SatNav. Suggestions for next week on Sunday Ride 24 April 2010 thread.