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Sweaty Eds

The first Narberth Dynamos themed ride took place today, encompassing the Daffodil Classic. To celebrate the release on DVD of John le Carre’s ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ it was decided everyone would come incognito or spy-like.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of the theme due to work commitments last weekend and so stood out like a sore thumb bedecked in my club kit splendour.

I first realised all was not as it seemed when I was cycling through Princes Gate intending to meet everyone at the rendevous in Tavernspite. I heard a pssst pssst coming from a shady driveway. At first I thought it was a puncture, but then I saw, lurking in the shadows, a furtive figure that turned out to be Roger. He expanded at length on his cover story for the ride, he was a German ski instructor from the Matterhorn region. I congratulated him on his story and cycled on.

At Tavernspite it was decided that we would recreate a scene from the film where George Smiley thinks he is being followed. Huw, Andrew R, Roger, Andrew Ajax and Clover were all dressed in a way that could not be traced back to the club and were to get quite a long way ahead and pretend to be a spies on bikes. I would bring up the rear to check no-one was watching us. It shows how much Mark got into his role as rear-rear lookout that I didn’t spot he was behind me until we had reached Pendine.

Kim and Ian arrived with tales of Ian’s tweaked fetlock that had put paid to his attempt to run from Llanelli to Pendine, ride the Daffodil then swim home. We stayed in our themed roles for the rest of the ride. At one point Kim tried to join me as rear look-out but the natural order was soon restored.

The Daffodil Classic itself is a very enjoyable ride. I’m not sure whether my favourite part was the gentle incline at the start, the hailstones that temporarily blinded me in Trelech or the 30 mile an hour winds blowing dead against on the flat run in from Laugharne. Despite my Flat Earth leanings, I really do enjoy this ride.

I think everyone that completed the entire course deserves a pat on the back. Apparently, there was also a family ride, a Daffodil Lite, in which, after riding to the start and riding the Daffodil the rider is met at the finish by a family member and driven home. I suppose those that did that can still feel quite pleased with themselves and aim to do the proper ride (Home to Pendine – Daffodil Classic – Pendine to Home) next year.

Next week’s theme is the Wizard of Oz, bagsie Dorothy. 😆