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My forecast may have proved to be a bit optimistic and burst of rain at just before 9.00 sorted out the fair-weather cyclists from the hardcore. Six of us met at Bloomfield, Andrew R, Andrew M, Mark, Tamsin, Kim and I and headed south for the coast via Ludchurch.

For once, my bike held together; others were not so lucky. Having assailed Wiseman’s Bridge Hill we sat at the top waiting for Tamsin and Mark to appear. Eventually Mark arrived with the news that Tamsin’s rear derailleur had come loose and jammed in the rear wheel. This was not a problem that could be fixed by the roadside so Mark was proposing to cycle back to Narberth to collect her car.

Andrew, however, had a better plan and at considerable (potential) personal expense called in the cavalry. With Andrew M helpfully humming ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ in the background, Janice agreed to collect Tasmin and take her back to Narberth. At this point Mark headed home and the remaining four of us headed for Carew via St Brides Hill and Devonshire Drive. After some debate, a return route via Jefferyston and Reynalton was agreed with final loop up Tanners Lane.

The weather was kind to us with only a few light showers en-route and we got home just before the heavens opened. Can we get another ride in before Xmas….