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Thanks to Sweaty for an excellent precise of the first hour of this epic ride. Clearly my optimism at all doing the same route were somewhat misplaced…

For the record Kim and I were on time causing the assembled throng to change their watches. We thought that as Andrew was away for the weekend his shadow might come along for the glory of bagging a few peaks, but it was not to be.

Having been diverted from our true course, the route development became more a matter of insurrection than democratic discussion. First there was a mass refusal to attempt the suggested assent of Colby followed shortly after by St Brides Hill (we had no choice to go up Wiseman’s Bridge).

Still hopeful of rescuing at least part of the meticulously planned route we ‘agreed’ to head for Devonshire Drive and then up onto the Ridgeway on the way to Freshwater East.

There was nothing unusual about rate of attrition with Mark heading home at Pentlepoir and Sweaty leaving us at the bottom of Devonshire Drive. Matt came up with a much better way to Freshwater East than I had planned going via St Florence and Jameston along the coast road.

At the top of the drag up from Freshwater East Richard broke out the flapjack (regretting not coming out now?)and has promised to either post up or send me the recipe (it seems that the word is out on the flapjack and there are a number of anxious visitors to our forum desperate to get their hand on the recipe; you know who you are….).

Roadworks meant we had to take a longer loop back to Pembroke than planned almost as far as Castlemartin and then on the Hundleton and Monkton. At Pembroke, Matt decided on an alternative route home and Richard headed home to Spittal. The coalition over, Kim and I then headed to Cosherton via Golden Hill Road. This is where my lack of local knowledge came to the fore as Golden Hill Road was a nightmare followed a few minutes later by the 16% climb up to Cosheton.

From there we headed home via Milton, Carew, Redberth, Jeffreyston, and Reynalton. Plan A involved a loop round to Narberth via Tanners Lane, however, the stretching of the route first east and then west had given us more than enough miles (50) and metres of ascent (580). For the record, the here is actual route (less the numerous u-turns!) http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/65486040.

In the end the combination of petulance and stubborness in the peleton resulted in a lovely tour of south Pembrokeshire. If I was perhaps 30 years younger it might just have counted as a Zone 2 ride….

I fear with the return of Huw and Andrew (and his shaddow?) next week that the Flat Earth Society members are going to have their belief system well and truly challenged.

Might I suggest a few additional topics for discussion in the debating society?

  • Is meat murder?
  • Is the Pope a Catholic?
  • Does a bear shit in the woods?


I must say I am happy now to pass the baton of responsibly for route planning, but if at any time in the future you would like a mystery tour conceived on the cycling equivalent of a weegie board you know who to ask…