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Before I get lampooned about not going out with the club this morning – let me explain! Picked up man flu from my youngest son on Friday- not feeling too good coming home from work last night so though I’d give cycling a miss. Had a lovely lie on until 9.30 – something I haven’t done since a teenager!! Looked out of window – saw clear blue skies and sun shining and couldn’t resist.

Did almost the same route as planned, saw lots of cyclists out including at least 6/8 Aces. Saw Mat G in Jameston and saw one cyclist with a dynamos top on – Aled I think.

Just got back – not sure if I did the right thing cycling with a cold – trouble is there is no one medically trained in the club that I can check with!! I heard you all called around and I was very touched to think you cared that much about me (or was it to take the piss??)! Hope Janice gave you all coffee!