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Sweaty Eds

A bad start to the day for the Flat Earth Society, but, oh, did it ever get better.

Myself and Celia left the group on top of the Ridgeway and headed downwards. I ignored Celia’s advice about the right turn and regretted it every mile of the busy Sageston to Tenby road that we had to plough along to get us back to our route home.

Once we were on the quiet back roads again she told me her news. She revealed that she had been on the mythical North-West passage!!! Of course I’d heard the Legend of the North-West passage, the pancake flat route between Jeffreyston and the caravan site at the top of Reynalton hill, hell, there’s a whole chapter devoted to it in the Flat Earther’s bible ‘Top 100 Plateau’s’, but I thought it was an urban myth like Richard Gere and the hampsters or the rumour that a local award winning butcher was selling savoury faggot flavoured flapjacks. The precise details of the revelation were a bit patchy because every time the road pointed upward Celia sprinted away to claim the King of the Mountain points but I managed to glean that she had been taken on the route by another club member on the proviso that she was blindfolded and must never reveal its secrets. Regardless, we hatched a plan to avoid the dreaded Reynalton hill and rediscover the North-West passage.

Well, she remembered that they had started in Jeffreyston and thought she would recognise the way when she saw it. You’d been surprised how many roads there are in Jeffreyston, I won’t bore you with details but will say that if I am ever involved in a seige situation in the Jeffreyston area I think I’ll find a way out.

Downhearted we headed up the Reynalton hill, following a couple of tubby riders who sprinted away from us without a ‘Good Morning’ or anything. This really got Celia’s goat and I think when she overtook them she had both hands off the handle bars checking her make-up in a vanity mirror. She must’ve really knocked the fight out of them because I passed them both before the caravan site.

All the Aces were waiting for us at the top of the hill. I noticed they’d borrowed the Magnetic Altitude Transmitting Gyrospectrometer for the week.


King of the Mountains

Celia Pantani-Cavendish 100pts

Sweaty Eds 0pts


CP-C 100pts

Sweaty Eds 0pts

Brownie Points

Joint winners both home by 11.15am