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A bad day for the flat earth society.

We decided to try a new technology this week after the issues we have had selecting routes recently. Our new Autonomous Non-Directional Random Enhanced Wayfinder imported from Dubai was therefore carefully unpacked, initialised and we waited in anticipation for the route to be generated. Imagine our horror then as it became evident that the output from the ANDREW is a more extreme version of the Magnetic Altitude Transmitting Gyrospectrometer. The DAVE E went immediately into meltdown….

Joining our slightly porky Chairman (yes he ate all the pies) fresh from the beaches of the Gulf was Richard, Celia, Dave, myself and new conscript Diccon from Whitland.

The route, some 54 miles with just over 3,150ft of climbing, headed south to the Ridgeway via Reyalton and Jefferyston and Stephens Green Lane, east to Tenby and then all the way along the coast to Laugharne before heading back to Narberth via Brandy Hill. Celia and Dave decided sensibly to truncate the route and left us at the Ridgeway heading down Coal Lane.

It was clear at this point that our newest recruit Diccon was a bit tasty and had Andrew ‘chewing his handlebars’ trying to keep up with him. I only have his word for this as Richard and I seemed to be some way back most of the time.

In view of the general ability of the last three newbies who have expressed an interest in joining the Club (Mark, Andrew and Diccon) we need to reconsider our entry policy to restore the balance and to avoid a potential ‘Aces’ type moment. I therefore suggest that new membership is restricted for the time being to the chain-smoking morbidly obese and definitely no carbon. I am sure this would be supported by one of the many targets set out in the new Health Bill.

Anyway, back to the action…

On the two rare occasions I managed to make it to the front, I took a wrong turning so used that as an excuse to take up a position to rear; increasingly involuntarily…..

Andrew was last seen at the foot of Brandy Hill which I ground up slowly in the increasingly deteriorating weather. Diccon waited at Tavernspite to say his goodbyes before rolling down the hill to Whitland and home.

Richard and I parted at Coldblow, a short ride home for me, but another 15 miles for Richard.

Bring back the MATG….