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I must of just missed you guys. I got to Penblewin Roundabout after a 60 minute time trial not bad time keeping but nonetheless didn’t get there till 0805, I waited at the roundabout figuring I’d catch you on the way up the hill. I didn’t!

Perhaps, you guys went up to redstone cross and I missed you at the roundabout, too busy staring down the hill! :D

Anyway, I figured I’d missed you by 08:20 so it was put up or shut up time. Decided it was a shame to be all dressed up and just head home. So I headed off ‘Billy no mates’…

It was a an interesting ride, covering many of the joys of cycling, the weather ranged from blue sky, fluffy clouds, to cold, grey miserable and of course biblical rainfall! Damn that stuff stings at speed.

The Angel herself was kind, dry and sunny, bloody long and steep, but good weather for that bit.

I’ve uploaded the file for you sniggers. All in all a good ride, some of the road sections ooop North were awful but in the main a cracker of a run, thoroughly recommended. :D