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Flapjack, Leights, Slinky, Ants and myself met up in glorius sunshine. Ants told us Jane would be waiting for us in Clynderwen. Apparently its not the first time she`s been picked up by 5 blokes in Clynderwen!!

6 of us headed to Crymych quicker than Lance Armstrong on EPO. After Crymych the pace slowed down in anticipation of the climb up the bwlch. Jane hadn`t climbed it before and 1 by 1 we were all trying to help by saying how bad it was!

On the top we decided to head for Haverfordwest with Jane and Leights peeling off for Clarby Road and Flapjack for Spittal. Which left Slinky, Ants and myself head off to do the extra.

We rode to Burton via Merlins Bridge and Freysrop. Ants had a great idea of stopping off at the Jolly Sailor in Burton for a coke. It was really nice sitting out in the sunshine, listening to Slinky say last time he was down here was for a Chinese Elvis

night! (Don`t ask).

After that we headed back the shortest way through Lamphey, Milton, Carew and Jeffreston.

A great days cycling. Really enjoyed it.