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A tetchy start this week with several of the assembled throng suggesting that another of the assembled throng needed to pull his finger out and get the Civic Week Bike Ride posters up, especially as they had been working night and day to get them ready for the middle of last week.

The point having been made the discussion turned to the arrangements for the Civic Week Ride. Jaws hit the floor as our illustrious chairman uttered the words ‘coffee stop’. ‘We could stop at the café at Lawrenny for a coffee and make the prize draw there’ suggested Andrew but then thought, ‘What if no one has any money’. ‘We could pay for the coffee’ suggested Jonathan, ‘but what if hundreds of people turn up it could bankrupt us’ retorted Andrew. ‘unlikely as no one will know about it’ muttered someone under their breath….

Anyway, down to the business of cycling. A good turn out – Andrew, Jonathan, Anthony, Dan, Leighton, Celia, Kim, Richard and myself. With two exceptions (you know who you are) all were sporting the Club jersey and a fine sight we looked as we headed off following a route set by the once again absent Huw. There was much chatter about having to be back for 12, which looked rather optimistic looking at the 45miles route with almost 3,000ft of climbing.

There have been a few disparaging comments on the forum of late (see above) suggesting that as a Club we delight in scattering our members across the county like so much confetti with a survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, mentality from the off. This poor deluded poster clearly must have got us confused with someone else as nothing could be further from the truth. This is exemplified by the Club motto:

Nemo adepto reliquit post

(apologies to the classically educated, blame Google translate…)

The sun (yes sun) shone as we rolled along through the very green countryside. I am not sure if it was the matching jerseys, but we were even cycling like a Club; Redberth to Carew was dispatched in a perfect 2 row peleton.

After a regroup at the top of Milton Hill (OK so a few small gaps appeared at times…) Celia and Leighton decided they would peel off at Lampey; Andrew on the other hand seemed less concerned about getting back for 12.00 although we were making reasonable time. It was noted that we would be arriving in Pembroke at about the same time as the Velo’s event was taking place.

As we approached the bottom of St Daniels Hill a very nice marshal directed us left clearly thinking we were leading the pack and seeing the Dynamo’s shirts, who could blame her. Her colleague about 100m up the hill stopped the oncoming traffic for the right turn on the event route and looked most confused as we continued (to power) straight on.

The spectacular views as we headed towards Freshwater East were enjoyed a little more by the two ‘Fresh East virgins’ in our midst who had no idea what was about to come than perhaps the rest of us. Congratulations to Jonathan who was determined not to resort to the method of cycling up hills recently perfected by Roger and stayed in the saddle all the way to the top.

Andrew decided that the run back to Tenby would be an ideal opportunity to perfect our team time trialling abilities. This generally went well (apart from when Anthony and Richard reached the front; new bike syndrome and Apricot bars respectively) and we must have looked an imposing sight as we sped through Lydstep with the width of a fag packet between wheels. (Clearly we did – thanks Slinky and Swancsv).

Once in Tenby, Andrew decided that perhaps after all he did need to be home at a reasonable time and accompanied by Richard took the direct route back to Narberth along the main road. The remaining five of us then followed the cross country route home, with Kim, Jonathan and I peeling off at Valley Road leaving Dan and Anthony to scale Narberth Hill by themselves.

Next week the Civic Week Bike Ride, 20miles and coffee!