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It was a shame we lost each other so soon. I didnt think we were going particuly quick on the first loop. Roger, Huw, Sean from the aces and i rode a nice pace for most of the loop. Roger and i nearly made the same mistake as last year by taking a left turn at the crossroads about 3 miles from the end of loop 1. We were both looking back for Huw`s guidence/directions. luckily some other riders pointed us in the right direction. We would of never lived it down if we had of gone the wrong way again!

As for loop 2, it was 40 miles of hard riding. My philosophy is always to try and get up the hills as quickly as possible and then recover. But the hills just kept coming and the few miles we had a bit of flat road the wind was in your face which for me was worse than the hills.

Still looking back on it now when all the pain has gone i`m glad i rode it. next weeks carten will be a dodle compared to that.