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OK, here we go again…

This was truly a game of two halves, however, as I only played for the first half, I will leave it for others to provide a commentary to the final whistle.

The cream of the Dynamos (well the fatty stuff that floats to the surface) assembled at Newport Sailing Club to take on the Angel; Andrew, Roger, Mark, Huw, Mat, Kim and I. We lined up for a couple of pre event photos (see gallery) with Andrew insisting we got his van in for ‘publicity’, however, as this might have incurred the wroth of the Cycling Time Trial Association, Andrew had to make do with advertising his finest ham by leaving a bit hanging from the corner of his mouth. Hopefully we will have got away with that.

I clearly misunderstood the plan that we would ride the first loop together with the fast boys taking photos at various vantage points. In fact, it appears that the plan was we stay together for the first mile! Kim and I put this down to a surge of adrenalin, however, during a post match natter with a couple of the Aces, they considered it more likely to be testosterone. 😆

Mark and Mat headed off at a more considered pace and we occasionally caught up with them (principally when they stopped for a slash)and we did catch sight of Huw leaving the feed station just as we were arriving.

We kept station with a couple of guys wearing Velo Teifi Cycling Club jerseys actually getting the better of them up several of the hills. It was only when we got back to Newport and started chatting that they confirmed they were in fact from London which explains why even I beat them up the hills (they were fast on the flat mind you!).

The roads were terrible and it seemed like the wind was in our faces the whole way around, but nevertheless it was a very scenic route and (apart from the wind) the weather was good.

We got round in around 3.5 hours and settled down at the Sailing Club for a well earned plate of pasta and a pint of Felinfoel glancing occasionally up at the Angel thinking what a fun time those on Loop 2 must have been having. Perhaps next year.

Roll on the Carten next week.

For a review of Loop 2, Roger appears to have summed it up very succinctly in the previous post. Does anyone to add any more?