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Great coarse but very hard. Roger shot off after Fishgaurd never to be seen again. On my own for 35 miles minding my own bussiness when i heard a shout from behind. It was Dai Swan and Carlos from pembs bikes. It was great to see them.

Once we got through Llanglydwen Carlos had very bad cramp and told us to go on.

It was great riding with Swanny and i`d like to thank him for draging me back to the finish.

By the time i got back home the breaking news on sky sports was that Roger had beaten me. I was getting txt and calls from all over the world (Whitland) asking was it true. Reporters were camped on my doorstep looking for a quote making me a prisoner in my own home!

Id just like to say im not a bad loser and well done to Roger (bastard) for winning.

Can`t wait for the next race, i mean sportive.