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Much to Rogers despair his attempt at grabbing the limelight was overshadowed by a real crash. Enough has been written about that (except the bit where the Slinkster saved the day), so lets concentrate of the what, why’s and WTF’s of Rogers short off-road adventure.

So the Slink was spearheading the ‘peloton’ down to St Davids when all of a sudden there was a rustling sound which could only mean we had a CODE ZERO i.e… wheel on verge. I turned round to see Roger – pale faced and sweaty struggling to control his stead which by now was doing no more that 2 mph. In the most pathetic way possible Roger then proceeded to ‘crash’ into the hedge, well it was more of a ‘lean’ given the speed.

He skulked at the back of the group for a bit for a few miles, red faced and grassy.

After some questioning about what had happened we concluded that nothing whatsoever had caused him to hit the verge other than him turning the front wheel of the bike towards the verge and then not turning the wheel to avoid the verge.

A good first outing for the Slinkster for one of the longer rides. The pace was a bit hot for me if I’m honest, I got back to Narberth ready for the sofa (and not a marathon). All good training though. Congrats to Anthony for breaking his distance PB and thanks to Andrew and Roger for the good pace.