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…Annie Lennox – really? Jokes about George Michael probably not suitable for our forum; I am sure there are lots if you are interested on Slinky and Sweaty’s Trout Tickling site. Next some 12 year old covering the Floyd and Kaiser Chiefs doing the Who. Back to rip-off Britain so soon; but no its Fat Boy Slim! Oh no someone has stolen the Spice Girls from Madame Tussauds. Now slightly disappointed that Eric Idle did not perform his number nailed to a cross; I guess that’s PC for you (but he did get in a quick ‘shit’). Oh my god they have dug up Freddie Mercury, surely that is taking things a bit far? It’s OK, it was only a video and Freddy has morphed into a scantily clad Jessy J; good job Brian May has his guitar slung so low. Ethnic music time, it’s two Welsh male choirs. Boris waved the flag ever so very well didn’t he. Take That clearly fallen on hard times, looks like they just came out of the corporate hospitality suite doing the silver service. Someone has really cocked up now and forgotten to pay the gas bill; the flame has gone out! Irony upon irony, it’s the Who. They really did turn in their graves listening to the Kaiser Chiefs. Wiggo to do guest vocals perhaps? Er sadly no. Oooh, nice fireworks. Finally, if I may now share the sentiments of a nation, shut the f**k up Trevor Nelson. So that’s Olympics over. Swimmers and Athletes have four years to think of some new excuses as to why they performed so dismally. Follow that Rio and back to the action.

The Lightweights met up with the Heavyweights (Featherweights no where to be seen) at 8.30 as agreed and behold what a sight, wall to wall Dynamo’s shirts eclipsing the Aces contingent (to be fair, most of the Aces were out cycling the Ironman Route for the 30th time this week, could make a joke about goldfish and retention spans but they already have enough to contend with living in Tenby…).

The official photographer didn’t have a wide enough lens to get us all in the shot (for once due to numbers, rather than pies consumed) so our Chairman had to lie prostrate at our feet (front wheels) along with Roger and Anthony. A portent of things to come me thinks…

Anyway, off we swept under leaden skies en-mass. As Huw pointed out, we lasted a full two hills before fracturing into the pro-peloton and the development (remedial) squad. This is one hill, or 5 miles better than last year.

After a bit of indecision, Kim, Graham, Dylan, Rob, Deleme, Dan and I coalesced into a nice paced group enjoying fine views over the north Pembrokeshire coast. Deleme decided that he would go at his own pace and the group thinned to six.

As usual the feed stop was a highlight as we gorged on jam sandwiches, flapjacks and haribos before the final push for home. We arrived back at the Rugby Club as a group to find that a) the rest of the Dynamos apart from Leighton had buggered off and b) Deleme had got back before us. This was not surprising and surprising respectively.

Leighton regaled us with the tales of woe that befell Flapjack (he does seem to be on a bit of an unlucky streak at the moment and perhaps should concentrate on his cooking). However, it does sound like once again Mr Rees had a hand in his misfortune. Perhaps we could get some first hand accounts of the incident.

A great ride in good company at a nice steady pace that made it enjoyable rather than an ordeal. Thanks must go to the organisers for another brilliant event.