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Mike Smith

It is with great delight that I can report that two Tenby Ace club members saw two Narberth Dynamo members at the beautiful Botanical gardens of Wales in Carmarthenshire the starting venue for the Merlin and subsidiary rides . It is also with an air of disappointment that the two fine fellows from Pembrokeshire did let Pembrokeshire down. They had failed to read the small print in that both reprobates were unshaven! I suspect though that Andrew has an excuse? I also suspect that it is a valid excuse, unlike Ian. Had Ian’ planning and preparation been exacting then he would have noted and briefed Andrew accordingly. Sadly that was not the case, had it been so then both characters would have had an extra hour to fulfil the ablution routine which I am sure includes shaving. What pray am I talking about? Start times of course! Clearly indicated on the web site “Registration opens at 7am”. And “Push off at 8am”. Ian’ interpretation of that when explaining to me why he got Andrew up an hour early to arrive at said Botanical Gardens at 6am was that “well if registration opens at 7 then they are bound to start early”? And so dear friends your (our) intrepid adventurers were the first to arrive; by nearly an hour! Andrew is now talking to Ian?

I needed to get this in before Ian places a spin on the days events.

I do hope they had a successful ride, the weather was hot and the organization and hot meal at the end was very good; improving year on year by all accounts.