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Day 6 last day

Easy day today (well comparatively still got 2 cols). I decided to change my tactic today as having inner tubes I couldn’t afford to be at back stranded. So on first climb I rode up with one of the better riders (who was taking it easy) but reached the top twenty mins before the back marker & I had a quick drink then headed down – this time arriving at the lunch stop twenty minutes before everyone else! I should have ordered food for everyone & then insisted on going soon as they arrived. But I am not like that! Well I knew everyone would ignore my decision.

Then followed a leisurely ride to the coast with one climb.

We arrived at the coast (Menton) early afternoon – we had finished it! We stripped down to our bib shorts & went in the sea. One of the bunch stood in water holding his bike aloft expecting us to take a picture of the victorious stance. Strangely none of us paid any attention. After a few minutes some American girls who were on the beach felt sorry for him & came & took a photo. After ten minutes of swimming around we went to the hotel that two of the team were staying at.

We sat & discussed the highs & lows of the trip – one the guys said to me “I wasn’t sure about you to start but then I decided you were OK – because you like the Wurzels!”

Oh joy I mentioned their best album “Never mind the bullocks”

It was a great trip!

Four of us were continuing to Nice. This was the same who had made the initial journey from Geneva airport. The two who had made the disastrous journey decided to catch the train!! Who knows where they will end up. Me & one other rode (same two who rode from Geneva). We rode through Monaco & Monte Carlo – squeezing between the Ferraris & Porches (which were probably the driver’s cheap cars). After a couple of hours we arrived at the hotel where the other two said they were staying. Shortly after we arrived they arrived. Well their journey wasn’t a disaster this time – or so we thought. Next morning we found out this was the wrong hotel & they arrived at the correct one an hour later 


Distance 112km

Ascent 1500m

Cols 2

Col de Turini 1604m

Col de Castillon 800m


Distance 777km (ride from airport next day takes this above 800km)

Ascent 15760m

Cols 17

Punctures me 3

Punctures others 1 (although late dash on this – one guy punctured on plane)

Wurzels fans 2

Idiot Drivers 2 (both in Bristol 1 at start & 1 in Bristol after airport)