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Day 3

First to say sorry to my readers that my blog is taking longer to write than the whole ride

Started off the day with 10km climb – stunning scenery – snow on mountain tops. Got to top. Met a load of britsh girls at the top. The fist good thing was they actually liked my dress sense & my arm warmers! Then talking to them – they started out as a Saturday morning cake club – where they would meet every Saturday & have a cake – then over the years they have started giving themselves challenges including riding up the alps. This inspired me – to eat my body weight in cakes over the trip.

Well we did receive some news – the Galibier was now open!

The ride up the telegraph was very hot & half of it was being resurfaced with chip & seal. Any cars that come past – spray gravel at you – great fun. When we got to the top one the guys parents were there & they volunteered to carry our bags to the end – luxury. While at the top one of the other guys punctured. So score is now me 2 v everyone else 1. At least I am the best at something.

I set off on the descent keen not to be too far behind only to find when I started I couldn’t clip my foot in – this could make the descent interesting. I stopped & found my cleat was full or tar so had to spend time cleaning it.

We regrouped at the bottom & proceeded to ride at pace in a group. This was where me & another weak climber had strength & could pull the others along.

We reached the bottom of the Galibier & as usual the comments “Let’s all ride together” & “I am going to take in easy today” disappeared as fast as the lead group. I rode up with one guy. We would stop every couple of k for what was planned to a micro stop but soon became a little longer!. About 3km from the top of Galigier there is a tunnel that cuts off the last part. The guy I was riding with announced he was going through the tunnel – so about 4km from the top I rode off as hard as I could to meet him at the end of the tunnel & although myself to go over the top. Well I soon noticed the altitude or was it attitude (me telling myself it would be harder) & my breathing became laboured. I reached the top realizing I had no camera & no proof that I summited… I know the truth!

I then descended to where we were staying – a ski resort.


Day 132km

Ascent 3089m

Cols 3 –

Col de l’Iseran 2764m

Col du Telegraphe 1566m

Col du Galibier 2646m

People who liked my clothes > 0


distance 424km

ascent 9209m

My punctures 2

Other People Punctures 1