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Ah yes great day.well slinky I had my dynamos shirt on show .

Saxo tinkoff have got contodor

Sky have wiggo and frome

Dynamos have got roger,that was hell of a time very well done to you.

Also ian half marathon and then back to face pendine good man.

Gary Jesus still in his shorts on day that cold,da iawn I ti bachan.

And for every body else good show.

I really enjoyed the day and went round with two lads who will be joining the dynamos who are bloody fast already Dai Webb and his mate Charlie.

Not sure exactly how fast I had done because I was so late coming back from my warm up every body were away and forgot to switch my strava on and computer on the bike.i think we were back at car park by 2.45 and we had a quick stop in trelech to sing the national anthem and have a quick cup of tea and a welsh cake.


Didn’t we look a lot more stylish than those aces.