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OK Ian I will embarrass myself then, I was going to go out on my own at 9am as I saw the weather looked like it was going to get worse at about midday, it wasn’t looking promising when it started raining first thing, but the rain cleared and Patrick told me to go. I texted Mark and told him not to wait as I was going now, and he texted back saying he was at the Bloomfield, so I rushed out the house and up the hill, where we discussed a route. Mark decided Matt was not going to join us so off we went, up to Maenclochog turned right before Rosebush, so far so good, although I was hoping Mark wasn’t going to keep up his pace the whole way 🙄 I was feeling a bit sick!

We had a nice bit of downhill and then the heavens opened, so we cut the route short and started back along the A478 towards Llandissilio with the wind and rain against us, it was horrendous both soaked through, and the rain was like needles in my eyes. I had to put my hand up in an attempt to shield my eyes from the rain so I could see where I was going. Mark dropped me off at the roundabout and I got home then realised that I had forgotten my key, and Patrick, thinking he was doing me a favour had taken the kids to Bosherston so that I could have a nice relaxing bath when I got in! So I did what all self respecting adults do in these situations and phoned my mum, she told me where I could break into her house and I had a failed attempt before phoning Kim and Ian, I then spent a very pleasant hour (or 2??) at their house in some of Kims dry clothes watching TV, and drinking tea, so thanks Ian and Kim for coming to my rescue, oh yes and I have just ordered a turbo trainer!! 😆

Love The Rain, Live Your Dream