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Sorry I can not come – I know there was notice but I am cycling E2E in Wales

Volunteering/ Nominations for positions

I can be club statistician – collating miles members ride & publishing every year total members, total club miles, longest ride, max miles in month, year, etc

To get ball rolling I suggest we do the 100km challenge – try to see how many days you can do 100km or more logging it each time – the aim is to do at least one a month!

Other suggestions for club events

Reliability rides – early season, on two sundays, have 100km & 100mile rides – aim to ride reasonably hard for an early season ride – could ride as 4 up (so time recorded when 4th member of team finishes) – even select the teams at random to promote riding as a team & stronger riders looking after weaker ones. Some clubs actually record times awarding different category awards for times.

A few times over the summer we should organise rides aimed at non riders – kids & non riding partners – do 20 mile loop with coffee / cake stop

Some sundays have two routes/ groups – for slower & faster – this also encourages others to join – some people really do not want to come because they worry that they will slow people down! Have a group ride 10 – 14mph & one 15 – 20mph

We should associate with a charity – doing at least one thing a year for them

we should look at recycling bikes http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/green-living-blog/2010/sep/07/bike-recycling-schemes

we all have many bikes at home we do not need any more