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…in Matt we trust.

Matt has confirmed that he has arranged a couple of minibuses to take us to Cardiff, one of them for the bikes. Andrew is sorting out the drivers.

Proposed itinerary:

  • Friday evening load bikes in minibus in Narberth
  • Saturday morning minibus to Cardiff
  • Saturday cycle to to Tenby 😆
  • Saturday after the ride minibus returns to Narberth
  • Saturday evening minibus returns to Tenby Rugby Club
  • Saturday night minibus returns to Narberth


Andrew to arrange drivers and times will be confirmed on the forum.

Matt to confirm costs but allow £10 to £20 for petrol.

So far the following have confirmed they are coming on the minibus:

Andrew, Roger, Huw, Mark, Dylan, Ian, Kim, Matt, Dave and Nigel + 3?

If have entered the Carten and would like to come on the minibus please get in contact with Andrew ASAP.