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Mike Smith

It goes without saying; but I must say it anyway. A view from the other side (Tenby “Cowboy” Aces) I would agree with most of what “Valley Man” has to say on the matter of the 2011 CARTEN 100. His description of the day and indeed the organisation of the Dynamo adventure is something to stand in awe of; I don’t do standing though so sorry Valley Man, a pat on the back will have to do.

I did have the pleasure (a word frequently used loosely) of meeting a number of Dynamos at Cardiff and again on route to Tenby. I must admit I was disappointed to see how well disciplined they were; as too were the support team (known as the Happy Shoppers) whose absence was mentioned on one or two occasions (the van is in Cardiff!!!!!!!!!). The discipline of the team had a slight kink in it, in the guise of Terry Chunks Pugh; regardless of how much he denies it he did let you down you know! It was good to see him and have my photo taken with him and his pie! I was set up for the day.

As Roger has been mentioned several times in Valley Mans journal it is only right that an independent observer makes some observations in his defense; sadly I can not defend him for it is indeed true that on the occasions that I saw him he did look like a tethered greyhound on speed (or whiz) straining at the leash; or even a rabbit caught in the headlights of a fast approaching vehicle; or Andrews rear bike light climbing up to Red Roses; ouch sorry!!!!!!!

My final observation if I may is that of Ian and Kim whom I have got to know through their gate crashing of turbo training accompanied by other members of Dynamos (Andrew and Roger). I had the feeling that Ian and Kim did not appreciate the unguided tour of the World Heritage site that is Port Talbot; once central to the industrial heartland that sparked the industrial revolution and put the “Great” in Britain. Now merely resembling a bomb torn wasteland; it is a cultural adventure Kim! Perhaps it was the shock of seeing such devastation that caused to have so many mechanicals; perhaps she would like to join the Tenby Aces Stunt team; we too have a number of “crash test dummies” in our ranks! A spy in the camp says that the bike needs serious surgery.

All in all it was good to see so many cyclists from Pembrokeshire on the ride. And as a diverse friendly individual I look forward to passing a number Dynamos; both male and female at next years event!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care One and All

Mike Smith (Tenby Ace Cowboy)