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Thank you clover for that witness account. Just had my rear wheel back from the forensic sicentist and they were able to assertain what hit me from behind and at what speed. It was judged to be a classic peugot bike that was travelling at a speed of at least 22 mph. Now considering we were half way up the bwlch and i was doing about 10 mph it makes sense that the screaming i heard from behind to “get out of my f****** way” meant i had little or no time at all to move over.

So flapjack i suggest you destroy those tapes you got of us in the hotel room and we will say no more about it.

It was a fantastic weekend. Thank you to Huw for arranging the route up. Big thank you to Helen for transporting our bags up. I think we all enjoyed it so much we will make this an annual event.

ps. Special thanks to Roger for leading us up Llanddowror allowing me the Cavendish moment over the top. Perhaps if he hadn`t wasted his energy in questioning my parentage as i flew past him he might have kept up!!!