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Sweaty Eds

I confirm that I am cycling up on Friday and would like a room.

When Mat G first mentioned it, I thought he was kidding about cycling up over the Beacons, now I know him a little better, I realise he isn’t. In all seriousness, unless I have misunderstood the geography of the Beacons, I think I will struggle to cycle back from Cardiff if I have arrived by that route.

In fact, I have been experiencing a recurrant nightmare in which I am picked up by the Carten broom wagon. In my exhausted state I fail to realise that the wagon is actually a delivery van from a local award winning butchers. Once I am on board and away from prying eyes, Seamus appears and forces me into a mincing machine. That week’s roadkill special in said establishment is Sweaty’s Kidney pie. AAAAGGHH!! Obviously, I wake up bathed in sweat.

I would hate anyone not to fulfill their weekly suffer quota because of me so might it be an idea to offer two routes, one mountainous and, maybe, taking in some areas where you might be in danger of an apache ambush or catching leprosy, say, and one more sedate route via, perhaps, a church fete or garden centre tea rooms, or, at least, following the very acceptable SUSTRANS route.

I will go along with the consensus.

I will, of course, be bringing a sponge.