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Sweaty Eds

I’m quite looking forward to seeing this bike, Slinkster Mc Slink.

I did read in the Western Telegraph this morning that a heartless thief had stolen the Miniman’s ancient bicycle from his hovel on the Kilgetty roundabout. Apparently the baby-faced burglar was seen making his getaway heading in the direction of Martin James’ Health Spa. I’m sure there must have been some mistake when the photofit image was issued with the assailant wearing a red and black tight fitting top and witnesses could not have been correct when they swore that, during the crime, the air was filled with a pungent aroma of baby’s nappies and Paco Robanne.

A word to the wise, Mr Mc Slink, if I turn up on Saturday and find the bike with rags for tyres, I am going to be mighty suspicious.

Right, so on my list of things to bring

– child seat

– pedals

– brakes

– possibly tyres

– beard (as disguise when riding stolen bike)

I am very much looking forward to Saturday.

Sweatster Mc Sweats

PS Thanks for the Movember donation