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Please supply updates to any actions / questions

When will weekday rides start?
just sweepers on tuesday Any rota?

what time? last year april & september 1800
may – aug 1815 -is it the same again

Turbo next year – Peter Lloyd again?

Club membership gone down – any reason? Anything that can attract new members / lapsed members?

Should membership cost stay the same?

What to do with club shirt surplus of small sizes? idea give to winners / everyone in youth category of hill time trial?

Are we having a hill time trail this year?
Text alerts on rides what is progress?

Should official weekend rides be reintroduced – if tourist wants to find a club to ride with

Replacement of turbos – I checked with Aces they have given their old turbos to kiddies tri – does anyone have a turbo at home they want to donae / sell to the club