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Pete Jones

Please note: the following is subject to change.

Cyclefit sessions from the 10th October (until a permanent solution is found).

Bearing in mind that there is no meeting for any discussion, this is my suggestion based on replies last night.

Simon has offered his laptop, projector and Sufferfest videos, so to keep complications to minimum I think we should take up his offer. Thanks Simon. I can bring along some speakers to boost the volume, if you require them.

Tom’s projector and my laptop could be used as a backup, should Simon be unable to attend in the next few weeks.

Jon has offered to help out with DVDs, so I’ll see what we can borrow to spice up the sessions in future weeks!

Hopefully you’ll all agree. Comments/suggestions always welcome.

On a general note about using Bloomfield. In the last few years we, as individuals, have not been asked to join Bloomfield. This year we will be asked. It is £5 for a years membership, so make sure you have enough money with you for that and the cost of the turbo session.