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Blog of trip with all stats(attachment)
Balsamico (author)– on the basis I asked for balsamic vinegar at every meal & would say it about ten times each time trying a slightly different accent each time – well that was in my head. In reality they all sounded exactly the same just each one slightly louder than the last.
Roger Moore – for looking & talking like Bond
Indiana Bob – he is an archaeologist & carries a whip (I made up the bit about the whip)
Marine Boy – He used to be a marine – although he now looks like he has eaten a marine whole
Dougal – Absolutely no idea about technology – could never get the wifi code to work so someone else would have to enter it for him
Tattoo – his name is Nicolas Piper = knickerless Piper = Scotsman – largest amount of Scottish pipers is Edinburgh tattoo
Capo – Leader & Organiser of Italian Assault
Mrs Soprano = Capo’s wife
A fantastic team & I thank them all for putting up with me.

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